True Poker Rake Back Program

True Poker Rake Back Program

True Poker Rake Back is THE ONLY legitimate third party Rake rebate program that is actually endorsed and paid by a poker room itself.

Open a real money account via a link on this website & you will be paid 27% of your monthly rake back directly to your player account. Thats almost 1/3 of what it costs you to play, Garaunteed by True

In addition to receiving your automatically paid, True Poker rakeback every month. You can also create a new revenue stream by recruiting new players to the True poker Rakeback program

The way it works is very simple. You offer new players a 27% Net Revenue True Poker Rake Back on their own play. You also offer them a 5% override on any players they recruit. You will receive an 8%-14% override on players YOU recruit and a 3%-9% override on ANY player recruited by one of YOUR players. Your earnings will go up significantly as you hit volume levels for pay increases.

True Poker will create FOR you, a two-tier program that will allow you go grow your players at an unbelievable rate. Each player recruited, no matter how far removed from you, will have the ability to recruit other players and get an override on their play togelbet. You will always receive an override on ANY and ALL players recruited under YOU or your players.

Here’s how True Poker Rake Back works

All players would automatically be enrolled in a 27% Automatic True Poker Rakeback Plan directly from True Poker.

  • Each player recruited by you becomes a player/affiliate.
  • Each player/affiliate has the ability to recruit other player/affiliates via their own unique affiliate tracker.
  • The affiliate tracker, welcoming email and complete instructions in marketing the plan is sent to the player/affiliate as soon as they activate their True Poker real money account.
  • Player/Affiliates will receive a 5% override ONLY on any player/affiliate signed up by using their affiliate tracking URL.
  • They would receive no money if one of their player/affiliates signed up via another player/affiliate tracker.

The nice part of this program – it is completely automated by True Poker. They do the tracking for you, they provide your affiliate/players their own unique log in interface where they can see their stats, True Poker does all the payments for you directly into True Poker player accounts and also helps in motivating and training your affiliate/players FOR you.

The first step is to open a True Poker Account via any link on this website. The rest is automatic. All instructions are provided when you activate your True Poker real money account.