Sportsbook – Poker Review

Sportsbook - Poker Review

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100% First Deposit Bonus up to $650.

The Bonus Amount will automatically be added to your Pending Bonus Credit. Your bonus dollars will only be released through real money poker play (more below).

Software – good

The Cake Poker software generally runs well although slower networks can have some problems with disconnections from time to time. They have been busy trying to iron this out and certainly improvements have been made over recent months.

Playability – very good

Easy to use at the table with buttons and actions clearly marked. The lobby is clean and unfussy with a nice design.

Traffic – good

Sharing the Cake Poker network of players means there is plenty of action, especially at the ring tables in peak hours. There are also excellent guaranteed MTT tournaments attracting decent sized fields.

Support – adequate

Response time can be a little slow although improvements have been made recently and the quality is generally good. Cashing out normally takes about 2 days.

Summary – good provides online sports betting and promotions in numerous areas including Football, Baseball, Boxing and Horse Racing to name a few. When you deposit into your account, this will also cover all the potential betting areas, it’s up to you to decide where you’re money goes. You can log in to your account through the Sportsbook homepage and move your cash around where necessary. This system is easy to use and they have stringent rules for security which is never a bad thing.

Like Cake Poker, they also feature the Gold Card and Gold Chip promotions. These are highly original and fun although can be a little confusing to understand at first. It’s well worth reading up on how these all work on the homepage before hitting the tables.

Extra Information:

When you have bonus money sitting in your pending bonus balance you can earn it back by playing in real money ring or tournament games.

When you play for real money you’ll earn Frequent Player Points (FPP). Each FPP that you earn is worth $0.06 towards your bonus. Once you’ve earned $10 worth of bonus money, the funds are removed from your Pending Bonus account and added to your regular balance. For more details on FPPs please see below.

Real Money Ring Games: For each dollar that is raked at a table where you are dealt cards, you will earn one Frequent Player Point (FPP). We are accurate to the penny, so if your table was raked $1.25, you will receive 1.25 FPP or if your table was raked $3.00, you will receive 3 FPP. Each FPP is worth $.06 towards your bonus.

Real Money Tournaments: For each dollar worth of tournament fees you pay, you’ll earn 7 Frequent Player Points (FPP) for them once you’re done in the tournament. Just like Real Money Games, we are accurate to the penny, so for a $0.50 tournament fee, you will receive 3.5 FPP.