Ladbrokes Poker Review

Ladbrokes Poker Review

Current Bonus Code

Depending on the value of your first poker chip purchase you can receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $500. The value of the Welcome Bonus you will receive is dependent on two factors: – the value of your first Poker Chip purchase – and the net number of player points you accumulate within 30 days of your first Poker Chip purchase (more below).

Software – good

The software is a stand-alone version of Prima Poker’s Micrograming. Meaning that whilst Ladbrokes uses Prima Poker’s software, they do not in fact share the network users like for example Royal Vegas Poker and Gaming Club Poker. The software runs without problem and has many great features and an excellent hand history tool.

Playability – good

Basic and simple to use at the table. Hand history is available by HTML page and via email. One nice feature is the possibility to see all actions in the chat area to the right – who raised and called and for which amounts in the previous betting rounds and previous hands. The lobby is functional and relatively easy to get around.

Traffic – very good

As one of the leaders in European poker, Ladbrokes has seen an explosion in player traffic in recent times. They sponsor the famous Ladbrokes Poker Million event that draws celebrities and professional players alongside regular online players to the site. Peak period will see in excess of 8,000 players online and even off peak there is a good choice of games available with limited waiting time for tournaments.


The support is definitely better nowadays and continues to improve. There is daytime telephone support and e-mail support which is usually friendly and informative.


This online poker site is one of the busiest European poker rooms. Ladbrokes is part of the gaming division of Hilton Gaming PLC, a company on the UK, FTSE stock market.

Hilton’s Betting & Gaming division also operates: Ladbrokes, a bookmaker with over 1900 high street Ladbrokes shops. Other Betting and Gaming licenses in Europe, Latin America, the USA, South Africa and the Middle East.

There are great high-limit tables, in particular in the pot- and no-limit games where Ladbrokes really stands out. There are many very juicy and aggressive games.

This is truly an honest poker room who believe in taking care of their players. You would expect high standards from a leading UK bookmaker and this is what you get here, they have been on the high street for decades now, there is no reason to believe their poker room will not stand the test of time equally as well.

Extra Information

100% Welcome Bonus : To receive full Welcome Bonus, you will need to accumulate 30 times the number of Player Points in relation to you initial chip purchase Togel 4D, minimum $50.

50% Welcome Bonus : If you do not achieve the full number of Player Points you require to receive the 100% Welcome Bonus within the 30 days, but do accumulate at least 50% of the required Player Points to claim a 100% Welcome Bonus, you can still claim a 50% Welcome Bonus payment !